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Hey Guys, This post will be dedicated to my fave series that I have watched lately, The series to be mentioned are completely different and not just centering around one genre , however they were all amazing and fun to watch, because I do get bored easily, and if the plot isn’t captivating enough or not appealing then I will just watch a few episodes and stop.

Here is the list of the Series that I genuinely enjoyed watching, they are in no particular order.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:

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Synopsis: After being rescued from an underground bunker in which she lived the past 15 years, Kimmy Schmidt decides to move to New York to have a normal life. She makes friends with her new roommate Titus and works as a babysitter for Jacqueline Voorhees, the wife of a billionaire with many issues.

Oh my, How do I even begin, The series was so appealing and funny that I have watched all the 3 seasons of the show, I so loved the character of Kimmy, good-hearted, naive and optimistic at the same time, it’s one of those characters that you can relate to.I even regret not watching the series earlier, but it’s alright, I did at the right time, The series will definitely put a smile on your face when you need it. All the characters are unique and extremely funny and relatable to a certain extent, however, my fave characters are the funny duo, Kimmy Schmidt, and Titus Andromedon, especially Titus, I LOVE YOU TITUS! , I love this series so much I can write an essay about it, but I won’t because,  Ain’t nobody got time for that.


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Synopsis: The show follows young Sophia (Britt Robertson), a rebellious woman who, in her 20s, has run out of cash. To support her needs, she begins selling used clothes on eBay. Sadly, it did not work out in the long run. She receives a number of bad feedback and eventually, the e-commerce website removed her page and account.However, the young female entrepreneur will not give up on her dreams. She creates her own website and starts running her online business.

I find Girlboss to be both inspirational and empowering, with a hint of humor. Sophia was fierce and determined even though she didn’t know what to do with her life, but she managed to find what she liked and made a business out of it, she didn’t succeed at first, but she faced her fears and went for it, eventually  she succeeded despite the lack of resources or encouragement of her father.And what makes it even cooler, it’s the fact that the show is based on the life of Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nastygal. I visited the site many times in the past but I never knew the story behind it. Girlboss is a good reminder that impossible is nothing.

The OA:

Synopsis: Created and written by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij (The East), the latest Netflix original delves into the inexplicable reappearance of Prairie Johnson (Marling). Having gone missing seven years ago, the previously blind Johnson returns home, now in her 20s and with her sight restored.

I don’t normally watch Series like this (sci-fi/fantasy), but The OA made the exception, it’s weird, creepy, But I liked it nonetheless, I admired the strength of the lead character despite being abducted for 7 years by a mad scientist, currently there’s only one season, the second season isn’t out yet, and I can’t for wait to see how The OA’s story will unfold.

Fun fact: There’s one character that speaks Arabic, I was very surprised and taken aback.

Favourite quote from the series: To exist is to survive unfair choices.

P.S: The show contains some violence and nudity.



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