Movie Picks: The vintage Edition

Watching movies is one my favorite ways to chill and old movies are one of my favorite kind of movies to watch, so naturally, I have decided to dedicate this post to a collection of vintage movies that I have watched, They are in no particular order. Enjoy.

 1. Breathless

Synopsis: A small-time thief steals a car and impulsively murders a motorcycle policeman. Wanted by the authorities, he reunites with a hip American journalism student and attempts to persuade her to run away with him to Italy.

2. Bonjour Tristesse

Synopsis: A carefree high school student spends the summer of her 17 years in a beautiful villa on the Côte d’Azur with her father Raymond, a widower of forty, rich and attractive, and the last conquest of the latter, Elsa, a young woman. Very complicit, the father and the daughter want to live without constraints, devoting the days to frivolity and having a good time. The arrival of Anne, a friend of Raymond who accepted unexpectedly an invitation, breaks this harmony. A subtle battle begins between the three women …

3. The apartment

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Synopsis: C.C. Baxter is employed at the Backup, Great Insurance Company. In the hope of some advancement in his career, he often lends his apartment to his superiors who take their girlfriends there. One day the head of the staff calls him and tells him that he knows everything and asks him for his key. Baxter is finally promoted. But what he did not know was that the chief of staff took the woman he was in love with to his apartment.

4.  Sabrina

Synopsis: In an extravagant Long Island residence, The chauffer’s delightful daughter, Sabrina, is in love with David, the carefree son of a wealthy family, who does not even notice her. The young woman goes to Paris to study. Two years later, she returns, transformed, and soon seduces David. But the parents of the latter do not agree to their union.

5. Roman Holiday

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Synopsis: A Princess subjected to a stifling protocol, Ann does not have a minute of freedom. Traveling to Rome, she meets journalist Joe Bradley who receives her in his home without knowing her status. Under the charm of the young man, Ann finally enjoys a moment of escape and freedom.

6. Gone with the wind

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Synopsis: Set in  Georgia,1861. Scarlett O’Hara is a proud young woman and volunteer of the Southern high society. Courted by all the good parties of the country, she has eyes only for Ashley Wilkes despite his engagement with his sweet and timid cousin, Melanie Hamilton. Scarlett is however determined to change his mind, but at the reception of the Twelve Oaks, it is the cynical Rhett Butler’s attention that she catches …

7. Bonnie and Clyde

Synopsis: Set in the 1930s. It was the Great Depression, following the stock market crash of 1929. A couple of criminal lovers, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, traveled across the country by stealing banks. Soon America spoke only of those inexperienced outlaws. Some admire them. Others are horrified. Anyway, pursued by the police, they will soon face their destiny …

8. It happened one night

Synopsis: Ellie flees her millionaire father and decides to rally New York. She meets Pete, a journalist, on the bus, who understands very quickly who she is, her father having promised a reward to who would bring her back to him. Little by little, as money begins to fail and they continue to hitchhike, Ellie gets to know Pete better.

9. The Wizard of OZ

Synopsis: Dorothy, a young orphan who lives with her uncle and aunt. Everything would have fine if the teacher did not hate her dog. It is then that Dorothy makes a dream where she is transported to the magical kingdom of the Munchkins in search of her dog. The Munchkins are dwarves protected by the good fairy of the North but threatened by the evil fairy of the West. To find her dog, Dorothy must take the red shoes of the bad fairy and go to see the magician of Oz in his Emerald palace.

10. Funny Face

Synopsis: A young New York bookseller is sent to Paris by a newspaper, to present the collection of a great couturier. But on the evening of the event, she disappeared to meet Professor Flostre, whose philosophy she admired.

11. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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Synopsis: A gold digger seeks to marry a rich man while her neighbor writer is interested in her. The pretty Holly is also the messenger for a notorious mobster. When the police interrogate her, she has no difficulty in proving her innocence, but her future husband, a rich Brazilian planter, leaves for fear of scandal. The writer takes advantage of it to console the beauty.







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