Health Q And A

This post is related to questions related to health, both mental and physical.

What is health? 

I view health as a triangle that has 3 pillars: the spiritual health, mental health, and physical health. Good health means that all the pillars are being taken care of without exception by investing time, effort, money on all of them.

What disturbs the balance of good health?

Stress, Lack of Sleep, living a sedentary life, being around toxic people.

How can we stay connected to ourselves?

By taking some much needed “me time” to reflect and recharge, and distance ourselves from negative people.

Any Advice?

Put your happiness and health first, I will repeat it again, put your happiness and health first because once you lose it, no one will give you theirs, no one will give it back to you.

What can disturb mental health?

Holding grudges, anger/hate is a strong emotion that wreaks havoc on your health both mental and physical as well, try to live the life you were given,  and if someone did hurt you, that’s on them, that’s something they have to live with. I say this to all the girls who read me, No one is worth your health. Live your life and try to force yourself to be at the moment and last but not least protect yourself and do good, because it will come back to you.

What can disturb physical health?

Mental health and physical health are interconnected, so if you’re under stress or you’re in toxic situation then, of course, your body will suffer from that,  stress is accompanied by lack of sleep, digestive problems such as IBS which I may do a blog post about, not eating which can cause other unwanted health problems like nutrient deficiencies, so please don’t be harsh on yourself and learn how to manage your stress/anxiety in a healthy manner, either by trying cognitive therapy , martial arts, meditation, there are many options one can try.

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