La ROCHE-POSAY Barrier Repairing Balm

Hello blog friends, as you can see in the title, the post will be about the lip balm I am using currently, the lip balm that saved my lips, my lips are constantly dry and cracked, especially since it’s cold right now and I needed a solution to save them ASAP without drying them further as most of  the lip balms contain petroleum jelly, which seals in the moisture, however, if your lips are already dry , there’s no moisture there to begin and the lip balm ends up drying the lips more, hence why nourishing them first is the best solution if you have dry lips , so remember , moisturize and then protect, the cicaplast barrier reparing balm does them both, it nourishes your lips first leaving them soft and supple and it also acts as a barrier against irritants such as cold and wind.

After using the  lip balm, I noticed the following results:

  • It made my lips silky and smooth, as well as leaving them nourished.
  • The texture is silky, so it feels very pleasant on lips.
  • The balm is paraben free as well as fragrance-free so the product won’t irritate if you have sensitive skin.
  • My lips are back to normal, they feel healthy even when the lip balm has worn off.
  • It contains Panthenol 5% which calms down irritated and dry lips.

The product does have some disadvantages :

  • The balm wears off after some time, so reapplying is a must, which makes it less practical.
  • also, the tube is quite small for its price.


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